Are optimists better at avoiding daily stresses?

Optimism doesn't influence how older men deal with negative situations, but it can help avoid everyday stresses, says research. A growing number of scientific studies have found a sunny outlook has benefits beyond enhancing our mood. For example, more optimistic people tend to live longer and experience better health than those with a more pessimistic... Continue Reading →

Is gardening a tonic for better health?

"We may think we are nurturing our garden, but of course it's our garden that is really nurturing us", said the British biographer Jenny Uglow, and she could be right. In England, 64% of people aged 45-64 report spending some of their free time tending a garden. Ask them why and a typical response might... Continue Reading →

How can a forest walk benefit your blood pressure?

Forest environments may have preventive effects on lifestyle-related diseases, says study. When we stroll amongst trees savouring the fresh air, earthy smells, or hear the rustle of leaves with the sunlight bouncing off the branches, it’s not difficult to see how nature uplifts and soothes our mood. But it does much more than that. It's... Continue Reading →

Is self-compassion good for the heart?

Middle-aged women who are kind to themselves have a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, says new research. When we take steps to prevent heart disease, the first behaviours we consider altering are likely to be diet, exercise and finding ways to reduce stress. Mindfulness and yoga practices have become popular in recent years to manage... Continue Reading →

Can chronic stress influence how we age?

Cumulative stress speeds up the ageing process in young and middle-aged adults, says study. We often judge how well we are ageing by comparing ourselves with those born around the same time. But, we also have a biological age which is different for us all. Scientists measure our biological age by looking at biochemical changes... Continue Reading →

Why is a hearty chuckle good for you?

One of the most natural ways we can boost our health is laughter. Whether it's a pet doing something cute, your favourite sitcom or a devilishly funny joke, a good chortle helps the body return to a more desirable state. What's more, it's contagious! We all intrinsically know laughter is good for us. As children,... Continue Reading →

Do daily frustrations affect our health?

Minor hassles add up and affect our health, says research. We know experiencing significant stress for long periods impacts our health, especially our cardiovascular system. But what about the minor pressures we encounter in everyday life? The days when the children won't get out of bed, you don't have enough change for the car park... Continue Reading →

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