How does nature help prevent disease?

The immune system may be a significant pathway explaining how nature and the body work jointly to fight disease, says research. We all know roaming through woods, countryside or paddling in the sea is good for our wellbeing. Research has discovered that spending time in natural environments protects against chronic illnesses such as depression, diabetes,... Continue Reading →

Why are nature sounds good for our health?

Whether you're in a wood, park, garden or downloading nature sounds at home or work, they have more health benefits than you realise, according to research. In collaboration with the national park service, researchers from North America analysed data from 18 previous studies exploring how natural sounds influence human health.  “Sound perception enables most species,... Continue Reading →

Sleeping In The Forest ~ Mary Oliver

I thought the earth remembered me, shetook me back so tenderly, arrangingher dark skirts, her pocketsfull of lichens and seeds. I sleptas never before, a stoneon the river bed, nothingbetween me and the white fire of the starsbut my thoughts, and they floatedlight as moths among the branchesof the perfect trees. All nightI heard the... Continue Reading →

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