What can older people do to boost brain function?

Simple physical activity supports cognitive abilities in later life, says study. We know staying in shape as we age is vital for our physical and emotional health. Keeping active also helps our brain to function better. Marissa Gogniat and colleagues from Georgia University designed a study to measure the effect of physical activity on cognitive... Continue Reading →

Can meditating protect the brain from ageing?

Research suggests meditating regularly may help delay the cognitive effects of ageing in the brain. How many of us reach midlife and assume that when we misplace keys, forget the milk, or someone's name, it's just part of the ageing process? Scientists used to think that brain development peaked by early adulthood and then began... Continue Reading →

Can green vegetables keep the brain healthy?

According to research published in the journal Neurology, just one serving of green leafy vegetables per day slows cognitive decline in older adults. Researchers from Rush University in Chicago and Tufts Human Nutrition Research Centre in Boston analysed the diets of 960 older adults participating in the Rush Memory and Aging Project. For approximately five... Continue Reading →

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