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The ‘afternoon of life’ was coined by the Psychoanalyst Carl Jung to describe the decades in midlife and beyond as a pivotal point in life connecting our younger and older selves.

Perhaps the crossroads from the first half of life to the second half makes midlife significant; a natural point in our development for reflection and reassessment explains why it’s a time when many people are most unhappy.

In middle age, a lot can happen in a relatively short time; demands on our many roles and stressful events converge, taking a more significant toll on our wellbeing. And, for women menopause can be a bumpy ride.

We can’t always control what happens as we move from one phase of life to the next; our bodies change with age, and we experience loss, ill health and maybe burnout. But, we can take steps to try and protect our health, buffer the stresses and alter our perspective.

Small changes to how we think, behave and relate to ourselves can make a difference to our well-being. For example, cultivating self-compassion, valuing our changing body, noticing small precious moments so often overlooked or finding gratitude for what’s good in our lives rather than ruminating over the bad.

The content on this website may be of interest if you’ve reached middle or later life. Sharing words of wisdom and research from positive psychology, mindfulness, nutrition, and nature to enhance well-being at a time when it might need a boost.

* Positive Psychology studies wellbeing, quality of life and optimal functioning.

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