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The afternoon of life explores healthy ways to support the processes of change occurring in midlife and old age.

Reaching midlife is significant; a natural point in life’s journey to reflect and reassess. Unfortunately, it’s also when chronic illness may be first diagnosed, and our mood can dip.

It’s not surprising. During midlife, changes happen in a relatively short time; demands on our many roles and stressful life events converge, taking a toll on our well-being. And for many women, coping with menopause symptoms can be bumpy.

We can’t often control what happens when we transition from one phase of life to the next; our bodies change, and we experience loss, ill health or maybe burnout. But importantly, we can take steps to boost our well-being and future-proof our health.

This website aims to share knowledge from a broad range of areas, including; positive psychology, nutrition, mindfulness, complementary therapies, and the natural world, plus a few wise words from insightful thinkers and poets.

Psychoanalyst Carl Jung first used the term ‘afternoon of life’ to describe midlife and beyond as the pivot point connecting our younger and older selves.’

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